Giveaway and More

Oh, that title makes me want to go to Long John Silver's for a Fish and More, one of my favorite but rarely-succumbed-to Major Treats. Are the LJSs disappearing in your town like they are in Atlanta? If I wanted to find one now, it would be in ever-more-distant-and-seedy locations.

Who could I get to do the drawing for the Woodstock fabric giveaway? The support staff was, as usual, useless:

[editor's note, er, scream: Gaston! Back away from the brand-new Jo Morton Toast fabrics!]

Only Ginger, the oldest and the sweetest, exerted herself. But she could not bring herself to disappoint the 50 who would not win:

DS, Mr. Georgia Tech attendee, couldn't even understand what I wanted him to do. I sent him from the room in disgrace. When will he come alive to the magic of the Quilting World?

I had to call Manpower, who sent out Blue Bunny and Sweet Mousie:

and they picked Mary!. Congratulations, Mary, send me your address and I'll mail this right out.

Doll Quilt, the current Jo's Little Women project at Little Quilts:

Jo's pattern is all four patches/alternating square. I inserted the toile scrap, which is Rit-dyed.

It simply amazes me each time I get to go visit my longarmer friend, who lets me use her longarm to quilt a quilt or two. Mad with anticipation, I packed the car last Friday:

and got two quilts quilted! Now to do their bindings. For the Jo's Little Women Swap Blocks quilt, I chose this glorious Yorktown print that I tell you, nearly makes me faint each time I look at it, it is so nifty:

But use some of it for binding? Cut on the bias which would leave dumb old triangle pieces that are hard to fold up again?? I tell you, my heart actually and truly hurt as I cut this (oh the horror):

But (sniffle) it's OK really it's OK there's still some left and the binding looks really neat.

Finally, several Dear Jane blocks:


Libby said...

Where has that Yorktown print been all my life? *gasp* Guess I'm off to find some for my stash.
Congrats to Mary and a big thanks to Manpower for sending in a workable crew *s*

MARCIE said...

You really are a riot! So glad you finally got help! Your newest blocks are wonderful, such precision! And that Yorktown fabric is very nice, and I know what you mean about hateing to cut it on the bias, but sometimes you just have to do it for the right look.

*karendianne. said...

Lovely blocks!

This post cracked me up. What fun. Thanks for brightening the afternoon.

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- just goes to show you they don't learn everything at college -- they need to have a contest winner picking lesson LOL. Our LJS's are all closed here, boohoo. Your piecing on your blocks is exquisite!

The Calico Cat said...

What a big ole bunch of sweety kitties!

Unknown said...

I just can't wait to see that dark blue binding on the quilt - I'm always a sucker for striped or checked bindings

Tazzie said...

Love love love the Yorktown fabric, and the kitties, and the DJ blocks ... just so much eye candy!

meggie said...

Congratulations to Mary!!!
Love those kitties! More please!

Finn said...

Great post Karen, definitely brighten up my evening...wish I could have a nice assortment of assistants like you do *VBS* But..I'm stuck with just Ebby, who rarely knows what I want her to do either.
Love the blocks, and yes, the fabric really is stunning, even to a non prim person like me! Hugs, Finn

Gypsy Quilter said...

Your dear Jane's are really moving along. Wonderful job! How long did the tan one take you? Goodness.

mary-myneedlethead.blogspot.com said...

oh my gosh, i won!!!! I am sooo excited, i usually never win anything, maybe today is my lucky day! thank you soooooo much!
P.S. I emailed you my address. Thanks Again!

Stina Blomgren said...

Congratulations Mary!!
The Doll quilt is absolutely gorgeous...love it!

Mary Johnson said...

I was going to tell you that there is a LJS on the corner of Canton Hwy and Piedmont Rd in Marietta but I went and looked at the website and it's not listed...my sister worked at a LJS when she was in HS so I always thought about her when I drove by.

Ila K. said...

I may have the answer to the dumb triangle thingies for you:


It's one of my pet peeves, too, but I love love love bias binding using plaids or stripes.