Quilt Show Pix and Emails from College

more emails from DS at Georgia Tech:

Hi, Mom.
I just got back from an ironing party [editor's note: I don't know what an ironing party is, either] for ROTC. I'm glad you couldn't see us. My friend's girlfriend had to come over to teach us how to iron. I don't know how something with one button could be so confusing.
Love, Tim

Hi Mom.
I have all As so far on the calculus quizzes, but don't expect that to last. I have no idea what's going on; I just imitate the teacher. Stick with WW. It's worth it.
Love, Tim

Hi, Timmy! You know I'm excited about the calculus grades. Maybe you're overthinking calculus, like you expect to find some kind of hidden meaning. Math just is. Keep imitating that teacher. Love and embrace the mathematical process.

Ramadan has started at school. Even though this arrives (and stays) for a month annually, there is once again no plan in place for where to have hundreds of kids go at lunchtime since they will not go into the cafeteria because they are fasting, so of course they flood the media center for two hours of overcrowded non-instruction. Call me crazy, but I thought we had separation of church and state.
Love, Mom

Hi, Timmy.
Trying to get my weight right for weigh-in (or WI as we WWers say) on Saturday morning. Must have a successful WI each month to keep from paying.

Do you know what you got on your calculus test?
Love, Mom

Dear Mom,
I know I got not good, but how not good is yet to be seen.

Turned in my first English essay. It was something about how technology drives evolution. I have no idea what I wrote, but it sounded good.

My DD class [editor’s note: his “I’m Sorry I Got a Speeding Ticket” class] is this Saturday so I'm certainly looking forward to that.

We have an ROTC mixer with [another college] tonight. It was optional until they realized nobody would go willingly.

Good luck with Weight Watchers; God knows you don't want to go back to being a regular member.
Love, Tim

Hi, Mom,
I got to my DD "class" fine. It was pretty sketchy though [editor’s note: this class was one of those one-day Community Responsibility sessions where, if you attend, your infraction gets removed from your record; please read on]. One of my classmates had run away from the cops. Another had gotten arrested for going 170 mph in a stolen Corvette. Another had gotten arrested for having a bomb. In his trunk. I felt a little out of place. I graduated and got my certificate. This baby is going on the wall.
Love, Tim


Quilts And Pieces said...

Interesting DD class! :) Don't kids keep us entertained!

Thimbleanna said...

I love reading your college e-mails. I laughed out loud when I read that the mixer was optional until .... Too funny. I love the quilting in the diamonds of the first quilt -- very pretty.

Patti said...

I think you and your son could write a book. It would be hysterical - a best seller!

Holly said...

Karen, I'm usually a lurker but I had to pop in and tell you I really got a kick out of this post! Kids are the best.

meggie said...

I loved this post. What a fun way to do it.
Thanks for sharing more of the quilts too.

Sweet P said...

Isn't e-mail wonderful? How great to have messages like those from son. Even better to have a son who write those messages.

Jeanne said...

I have enjoyed all of the photos of the lovely quilts and will go to bed laughing after reading your college messages.

loulee said...

Beautiful quilts.
The emails made interesting reading ;-)

atet said...

LOL...those e-mails from your son are absolutely hilarious! You need to save them -- print them out and put them together for him one day -- it will be a great reminder of his freshman year!