Depression Era

Hi, everybody! Thank you for your posts, I love your blogs, and I certainly hope nobody gets caught in these storms that are currently moving in seemingly over the entire eastern U.S. sector.

Here's my Indian Hawthorn in bloom.

Wednesday was the first of a two-part class, Depression Era Challenge. We are supposed to come up with some blocks or a small quilt or whatever that incorporates the thrifty string block that were so popular during the Depression. I started getting so many ideas and wanted to make them all. For instance, wouldn't this design be nice that uses four string blocks with the crosspieces between to make a larger block, then finally the dark sashing:

Or look at this Japanese quilt using Sashiko. You could put string blocks in there and do the Sashiko blocks with suitable Depression Era color and subject, or you could put in a Sunbonnet Baby applique block again with Sashiko/Big Thread quilting:

Here's what I decided to do:

The stem and leaves look just like a corn stalk to me so that's what I'm thinking of them as, despite the shape of the top. I'm making 6 or 9 for a wallhanging size. These are about 7" square. I'm using vintage feedsack for the muslin background pieces and a few vintage pieces among the prints. I have a Civil War era print of corn that I might use for the backing to try to accentuate the Corn idea.

***oh my goodness I see I've been tagged by LUCY, thank you, Lucy, and I must give some thought to my list***


Kairle Oaks said...
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Kairle Oaks said...

Your Hawthorn looks lovely, as does your block, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your corn/flower block. It will make a neat quilt. I'll be watching for its progress. I'm sure you be doing some creative things with it. Is there a pattern for the block somewhere? --So this lazy quilter doesn't need to chart it out? lol
I enjoy your blog! --Linda, a "read only" who doesn't have a blog

YankeeQuilter said...

When I loved in Georgia I saw dozens of vintage/antique string quilts at the appraisal days. Your corn blocks are very original though!

Malagueta said...

What a beautiful block, and it works so well in the 30s repros!

KC Quilter said...

Wow, love this block! An interesting use of strings. Can't wait to see it progress.