Catch Up and Beginnings of a Quilt Show Description

While you four-season folks are stacking pumpkins on your porches amidst your delicious cooler weather, we in the south are still seeing some things bloom, this being a gourd blossom that suddenly burst forth by my front door yesterday. Sigh, if I bought a pumpkin now and set it outside, it would be a pulpy mass after a few warm days. I love autumn so much I've even gotten pumpkins and set bags of ice inside it to try to have it last in past years.

Here are my "comfy" FQ and "not-so-comfy" FQ from class. Not sure why I ended up with a Christmas comfy; I had about six different comfys in my hand and basically that's what was in hand when the music stopped :-). The not-so-comfy is a Kaffé Fassett. It looks more enticing rolled up. Hey, that's an idea. Maybe pleat it for some kind of small wall hanging.

Went to a quilt show this morning at the Marietta Museum of History, which is located on the second floor of a luscious old brick building right between the tracks and the old Square. When I stepped out from the elevator on Floor 2 (on to the greatest old honey-colored wide pine floorboards, gorgeous enough to make you cry from anguished nostalgia for old things), there were two other quilters, one being a current class member of Quiltmaking Study and the other being a past member of the Moda University class, so I browsed the museum with them. This kitty-on-silk is a detail from one of the crazy quilts on display and I'll show more of the quilts in future posts.

I stopped at Red Hen Fabrics on the way out of Marietta. Ended, dear reader, by not purchasing a single thing, but it nearly killed me not to. They had a little charm pack of the wonderful Mistletoe Manor Christmas fabric and I wanted to set it with the red polka dot from the same so badly that I have no idea how I got out of there without buying the two darling things. There was also some sale fabric.....but I have so many things started.

Have lost 9.2 pounds on Weight Watchers. I actually can't believe it.


Gail said...

Aack! You went to another Marietta quilt place?? How long is the show open? You need to move to this side of town and save on gas!Good for you not buying......this time. LOL

Libby said...

That is a darling little kitty.

I am in the same boat concerning pumpkin displays. Since I hate to wait, I just display them in the house. Stingy to the neighbors, but fun for me *s*

Melzie said...

Congrats on the weight loss!!! I knew you could do it! xoxo melzie

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I bought a scarecrow this year for Little Boy thinking it was still a bit early for pumpkins...

Great job on your weight loss and no-buy shopping.

I just finished a quilt with wonderful quilt store fabrics and now DH wants me to buy all NEW fabrics for all future quilts! Huh? What about my stash!!! Too funny! He would just love that fat quarter you got... maybe he is just tired of calicos? I can't wait to hear what you have to do with that in class!



Mary Johnson said...

Good job with the weight loss. WW helped me too and one of these days I'll get strict with my points again and lose a few more pounds.

I haven't been to the Marietta Museum of History - how long will the quilt show be there?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh it will be so much fun to see what you do with your non-comfort FQ!

Catherine said...

I love the kitty on the silk...I am in full halloween mode right now so that especially appeals to me!! Hope to go to that show and the one at the Atlanta History Center.